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Energy Vampires

In order for an energy vampire to get you, they must be attached to you in some sort of way.

So guess what that means?

They don't look scary. Nothing about them is alarming; that's how you end up letting them get close to you.

🔴They may use terms like:

"Sis" or "Bro" when greeting you.

🔴They may say things like:

"I don't know what I would do without you."

"I'm so grateful for you. I don't have anyone else."

"I don't trust anybody. They are never loyal to me. That's why I'm so happy to have you."

🔴 They may present you with a gift, this is to confuse you, but overall you will be giving the most (time, money, love).

🔴 You feel drained each time after dealing with them, even if it is just a phone conversation.

THEN, you feel bad for feeling drained.

You tell yourself that "they just need a little help".

You feel guilty for putting your needs before theirs.




💥Nurse Dei-ism: They got you! You've been bitten & you're currently being sucked on.

I knooooow. You didn't see it coming.

I knooooow That's your "friend".

I knooooow That's your "sis".

But it ain't. 😏🤨

You betta snap that leech off your jugular fore you die!

It might be a little tough.

🔴They actually will call you names or say you are heartless when you finally stand up for yourself & say you have to take care of you and yours.

BUT, you do.

Slap that leech and keep it moving.

They'll disappear when the sun comes out.

And you can go on about your beautiful sunshiny life. 🌞💫

You're welcome. 🤗

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