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Your Body Speaks

Are you listening?

It's not:

"Oh, I just have a cold".

"Oh, high blood pressure just runs in my family."

"Oh, I just have a headache."

"Oh, I only poop every 1-2 weeks."

"Oh, I just woke up & my back was hurting".

Your body is HIGHLY intelligent. You are a complex system. This is your body speaking and expressing what it's been through.

It's NOT just anything. It's an alarm going off to make some changes.

💥Nurse Dei-ism: Your body has been trying to speak to you, but you weren't listening.

So now it has to get on your level. Make your back hurt....make your head hurt. NOW, you're paying attention....but still only a little bit.

‼️Ask yourself: Why do you have to be hurt so severely before you recognize something is not right for you? 🤔

You may have to

‼️change that position,

‼️stop eating all that salty/fried foods,

‼️stop laying around & get up & walk,

‼️say goodbye to all of that sneaking & lying,

‼️let the pretty ladies sit where they're at,

‼️ and yes walk away from that man.

Everything has a cause & effect.

Allow your body to heal & do what it does by not adding on more stressors.

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