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When Doing "Less" is Doing the Most

Guess who's not going to be doing "The Most"?

Me! That's who!

So many times we hear people say, "I will always be doing the most!" Not I. Doing the most will have you stressed out. Doing the most will have you trying to pay unnecessary bills that you have racked up. Doing the most will have you trying to buy all of the new fads that pop out. Doing the most will have you losing MOST of your mind. Do you feel me?

We need to change our mindsets and realize that doing less is actually "doing the most".

We do not need to try and keep up with a certain pace or lifestyle. We do not need to gather so many materialistic things that we place ourselves in a bind. We do not need to take jobs that do not provide work-life balance. Picking up overtime at work should be optional; not a necessity in order to cover your expenses.

When you have you have peace in your life and your own version of happiness, you my friend are doing the most!

You are doing the most when:

  • You have flexibility in your work schedule

  • You can take vacations

  • You can rest when you need to.

  • Your work and your life fits exactly who you are.

  • The money that you make covers your expenses.

  • You feel fulfilled in your life.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide what your version of happiness looks like.

  2. Write down how your ideal work/life balance looks

  3. Take note of the parts of your life that are holding you back.

  4. Write down the parts that you have the ability to change.

  5. Put a timeline on this change.

  6. Hire a coach who is doing what you want to do & get started!

Now, it's time to transform your life. All of that energy that you have been using to do the most will be used to create a life of peace!

Why is it important to hire a coach?

It can feel very overwhelming when you decide to change your mindset and embark on a new journey. A transformational journey is more effective when you have a coach to guide and support you along the way.

Your coach will help you eliminate the obstacles and fear that has been holding you back. You have been behind a stumbling block, because you are too afraid to jump over it. Your coach has jumped that hurdle and will be with you to show you the way. It is time to WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE! Click the link below to get started.

*Available virtually in in person.

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Your Holistic Nurse: LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT

LaDeidra N. Wooten is a Registered Nurse and intuitive energy healer. She practices Reiki, Healing Touch & other energy medicine modalities.

She is dedicated to the healing working and ready to help you!

Want to know more?

Send a message in the chat on our website or book a virtual consultation.

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