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How do I Align?

Why you are Stuck Right Where You are
At a crossroads, Stuck in life

"So, how do I align?" you ask. Well, get in line! That is the number one question.

No, really--get in line. That is the answer! Aligning with your true purpose involves getting in line with what makes you feel like you. It is choosing the path of least resistance.

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No not the easiest path; for it is not easy by far to take a leap of faith towards what you love. Aligning is choosing the path of least resistance for who you are as a spiritual being.

Your spirit gravitates towards the things that make you feel fulfilled. The problem is we gravitate away from those things, because they are not "popular enough".

We gravitate away from the work that makes us smile and feel bubbly inside, because it isn't "professional enough." We gravitate away from the places and things that truly make us feel warm inside, because we have "responsibilities". Our responsibilities refuse us fun, enjoyment, and the little fuzzy feelings in our belly.

Young girl daydreaming, imagination

But, Why? Why can't you be that little girl lying in bed writing everything that is on her mind, with the brightest eyes? Why can't you be that little boy lying in the grass dreaming his biggest dreams with utter passion?

Why do we turn into adults who literally function like old records, cracking and screeching; still going around and around in the same routine? Why do we ignore our true selves for a life that denies us joy? The answer to that age old question is not hard to find. Today, you will realize the answer was right under your thumb all along.

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What is Keeping you Stuck Right Where you are?

It is right under your thumb EVERYDAY! You can't put it down. You have deadlines to meet. You have meetings to attend. You have bills to pay, so you continue to work overtime. Yes, your work is the answer to your problem! The very thing that you have made the center of your life is what is keeping you stuck right where you are!

But, don't get your panties and boxers in a bunch just yet yelling, "But, I have to work! EVERYBODY has to work! Who wrote this crazy article?"

It is I my friend. The trailblazer for creating purposeful lives. The crusader for all things that align with Divine purpose. The soldier in the army of Let's Manifest Our Best Lives! Ok, you get it! There is a way to get on that path paved in light.

Path of light, manifest change in life, right path

The problem may not be in where you are working, but rather how you are working. So, what is keeping you in the red and not in the light? STRESS!

  • Stress depletes you of strength.

  • Stress depletes you of courage.

  • Stress decreases your ability to manifest.

  • Stress makes you feel like you aren't good enough.

And each day you continue the same routine filled with tons of stressors that create tons of stress in your life.

stressed out, black man, depression
  • Crazy traffic

  • Rushed lunch periods

  • Noisy co-workers

  • Bossy Bosses

  • Messy desks

  • Tight deadlines

  • Busy Family

  • Fast-paced events

Your long TO-DO List makes you feel like you don't have the ability to do anything else.

Your ability to manifest positive change in your life is directly related to the levels of stress in your life. When you are under high levels of stress, you may feel like you can't do any better than what you are already doing. You may tell yourself, "If I can't even handle this job, how will I ever handle something else?" You end up feeling stuck. This can go on for years; until you just accept that where you are is what you deserve.

stressed out man and woman, anxiety, depression help

Let me ask you a very important question:

Do you REALLY think you DESERVE unhappiness?

I want you to think very, very hard about this question. Your answer will determine a huge turn-around in your life. This is your whirlwind of clarity. Your eyes and mind are open. You have awakened.

Right! No one deserves a life of unhappiness. It is time to make a change! You have created a system in your life that keeps you in a negative feedback loop. In other words, your life is a cycle of stress, from your morning routine to your bedtime routine. Ask yourself: How do you determine your stress levels and how do you manage your stress?

Depressed, Anxiety, Sadness, Stress, therapy

Most individuals measure their stress by a crash and burn episode. They keep going and going until they simply can't go anymore. At that point, they may take some time off from work; maybe get a prescription for some anxiety and depression medications; and start the cycle all over again. Without lifestyle changes, there will be no true change.

The effective prescription for an unfulfilled life is doing a root-cause analysis and tackling the problem at the root. You need to make a change in your routine! Instead of running on the hamster wheel of life, create a routine that allows you to take detours, rest, stretch your legs and drink water.


You cannot see the way to your path of purpose, because your head is clouded with stress and your eyes are full of tears. Wipe away the clouds of stress and the path becomes more clear.

Today is that day that you decide to lift that weight off of your shoulders and align with your true self!

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We are here to help! Sign up for our Walk in Purpose Program to help you connect with your true purpose and guide you to a life of fulfilment. We can connect virtually and in our healing space.

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Your Holistic Nurse: LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT

LaDeidra N. Wooten is a Registered Nurse and intuitive energy healer. She practices Reiki, Healing Touch & other energy medicine modalities.

She is dedicated to the healing work and ready to help you!

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