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You Can't Trust Your Own Heart

How your heart chakra can affect your decision making

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The heart chakra governs all things love. Giving love, receiving love, forgiveness, passion, ego, trust, etc. It is the balance of loving yourself as much as you love others. Healthy heart energy allows you to make healthy boundaries for yourself, but also be vulnerable to the loving energy that is Divine alignment.

A blocked heart chakra keeps you from being open to give & receive genuine love. You may be in relationships, but you will not be able to connect fully with the love that is for your highest good. You will have a block that will not allow your partner's genuine love to flow through. This cold lead to trust issues. On the opposing side of imbalanced heart energy, you may be one who cannot recognize when a partner's love is not genuine. You are lacking heart energy, so you seek it from sources that are not the best for you.

Your intuition steers you to what is of your highest good.

Check this out:

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You are afraid to follow your intuition, because you have a fear of doing the wrong thing or going in the wrong direction (failure). This is mainly because something in your life has not gone as expected.

Your decision making in your past was not the best because:

#1 reason: Your heart was not in the right place.

  • When you work on yourself, you make decisions that lead you to your highest good.

Example: When you have not worked on yourself, you don't have boundaries. You seek out or allow relationships that overextend you & you feel "used" in that relationship.

Your heart wasn't in the right place.

  • Your heart must go through spiritual transformation before you start to make decisions that enhance you, instead of drain you.

The real truth is you are dedicated to helping others before yourself....because it makes you feel better about yourself. You feel valued in these situations.

Your heart is not in the right place.

You should know your value before you connect heart energy with any other individual. It is time to work on yourself! Then you will trust the decisions that your heart makes. You will trust your intuition.

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What is the heart chakra?

So, how can you open your heart chakra? I'm glad you asked!


• Self-care- Taking some time to pour into yourself to recharge. Show yourself some love! 💚

• Change old habits-DON'T HOLD GRUDGES‼️ This causes a STRONG block in the heart chakra. Release so that you can breathe again.

• Journaling & self-reflection. -Acknowledge old feelings that you need to release. Allow yourself to forgive others & spend some time getting to know yourself. Self Love opens the heart chakra.

• Crystals- Rose quartz, Green Opal, Green aventurine, Unakite + more! (check for crystals that activate the heart chakra)

• Yoga- Focus on opening the heart

• Wear green clothing the color of the heart chakra.

• Make a green smoothie the color of the heart chakra

• Use essential oils for the heart chakra

• Drink heart chakra tea!

It is highly beneficial to work with an Energy Healing Practitioner & incorporate Reiki with chakra alignment into your wellness plan. Monthly sessions are very helpful to maintain the balance.


Let's work on your heart chakra so that you can attract and receive genuine love!

💚Book a Crystal Reiki Session now!

We also offer Virtual Healing Sessions that include Crystal Reiki with chakra alignment and Spiritual Counseling.

If you are a current client, and feel you are having difficulty moving forward due to old relationships and heart attachments, book Crystal Reiki with Cord Cutting. This deep healing session will incorporate Crystals, Reiki Healing, Healing Touch, Alchemy, & Transmutation of Negative Energy to allow you to release those attachments that no longer serve you. (This session is only for repeat clients.)

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Your Holistic Nurse: LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM, LMT

LaDeidra N. Wooten is a Registered Nurse and intuitive energy healer. She practices Reiki, Healing Touch & other energy medicine modalities.

She is dedicated to the healing work and ready to help you!

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