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Fear and How it Could be Making You Sick

When it comes to life, there are things that we all are afraid of. Some people are afraid of spiders, others heights, and some water. It is only natural to have something that makes you feel uneasy, at times. It is when this fear is fed daily that it can become debilitating and pose a problem for your health.

Fear affects the body as a discharge of energy; meaning fear is energy leaving your body toward that which causes you concern. When energy leaves your body, you lose the power to maintain balance and stay healthy. You can think about someone who has anxiety. If undiagnosed and untreated, they may feel tired all the time, sad, and even weak. Another example would be an anxiety attack and the person feeling so weak that they nearly pass out. Fear affects your body in this way; even if it is just small thoughts throughout the day.

When you feed fear, it grows within you and causes stress. Your stress response mechanisms start to work to bring balance to your body, causing you to feel more tired from all of the churning & pushing up the hill to get you out of that valley. You also will be more susceptible to illness because your energy has been used to counteract a stress response, instead of building up your immune system. Long term stress manifests as disease and a weakened immune system. Your body will likely be too weak to even fight off the common cold.

Imagine a light bulb. It needs energy to turn on-- power. Your body is like a light bulb. If you send energy out of you, for example towards fear, anger, or un-forgiveness, you are releasing a large amount of your power. You become weaker physically, mentally and spiritually. Your emotions will also be unbalanced and you will be unable to maintain balance within your body to stay healthy.

Negative emotions are a discharge, so energy leaves your body. On the flip side, positive emotions are a charge: an influx of energy. Think about it. When you think positively and experience a positive emotion, you feel charged and elevated. You feel energized. But, when you think negatively and experience a negative emotion, you feel weak and heavy. It is important to always take notice of your emotions and move yourself up on the "emotional elevator." We are all emotional creatures, some more emotional than others (Cancer here!) So, you need to be aware of your emotions and try to remain on a high frequency-- unless of course you enjoy being angry, fearful, unforgiving, weakened, and sick. I didn't think so. You can help your body maintain balance by making a point to change your mood and go up on the emotional elevator. Work on raising yourself to a higher frequency so that your body does not have to do all of the work to bring you up. On a higher frequency, you have the power to maintain balance and avoid sickness.

Here's how:

How do you live, vibrantly and fearlessly? Each day focus on allowing positive energy to flow through you.

  • Stretch and smile in the mornings. Some people enjoy yelling out to open up and allow positive energy to flow through their entire being.

  • Take cleansing breaths in the morning (and throughout the day, if needed). Inhale deeply, then exhale making a "haaaaaa" sound.

  • Go outside and recognize the beauty of creation. Actually look at the clouds, smell the wind, listen to the birds.

  • Stop and actually listen to life going on all around you. Learn from the animals. They never stop soaring & frolicking as usual.

  • Give thanks to all that you are and all that you have been given. Giving thanks for life opens you to a tremendous influx of positive energy. Give thanks for your body & it will be strong and give thanks to you.

Tip: Protect your energy

You are a light. It is important to keep those around you who help you shine. Surround yourself with darkness and your energy may be used to brighten the entire room.

Relax your mind to stay healthy.

Your immune system works best when it is not stressed; not fighting mental stress or unhealthy choices. It is important to listen to your body and give it what it needs. Your body does not need fear. A stress response from fear could manifest as hypertension (high blood pressure), migraines, tightened throat and coughing, anxiety attacks, to heart attack and stroke with cases of chronic stress. It is extremely important to not feed fear as your body will strive to maintain balance and bring you back to a level of rest. This cycle can be tiring physically, psychologically, emotionally, & spiritually. If you are worried about getting sick, you can boost your immune system to protect you by not stressing it with fear and negative energy. Your body is always working to bring you back to a level of health and happiness.

If you start to feel fearful, you can :

  • Drink tea. Tea is very soothing to the throat and the mind. Try herbal teas for an added therapeutic effect. Add some lemon or orange slices to your tea for an uplifting treat.

  • Light a candle. You can light a candle to cleanse your space of all fear & negative energy. The glow from a candle also sends relaxing stimuli to your mind. Try a candle with a sweet aroma to increase your mood or a candle with a soft blend to help you relax.

  • Learn more about energy therapy: Reiki, Healing Touch, Reflexology, Massage, etc. These holistic therapies help you to relax, release the fear, and add in positive energy. Once you have a better understanding of how these therapies can help you, book an appointment to relax your mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

There is so much going on these days that can cause you to harbor fear, but you deserve to live for today! If each day you feed fear and worry about how you might leave this body, you are not living! Fear is not knowing, but you know who you are. You were created for a reason. Your energy is needed in this world. You are more than a body. You are spirit. Protect your spirit, and you protect your whole self. You can be happy and healthy in a chaotic world. Live for today with no fear!

  • LaDeidra N. Wooten, BSN, RN, CCM

Want to know more?

Put your questions in the "contact me" box at or send an email to We would love to hear from you!

LaDeidra Wooten is a Registered Nurse who specializes in Holistic Nursing & Holistic Therapy. She attended the University of Memphis and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 2008. During her 12 years as a Nurse, LaDeidra completed extensive training & obtained several certifications in Holistic Health and Nursing. She is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. LaDeidra is also an avid reader and enjoys sharing the knowledge she gains to help all inviduals be happy and healthy. She continues to study and stay abreast of clinical information, through nursing scholastic journals , training programs, holistic literature, and personal experience with holistic therapy. After a number of years in Emergency/Trauma Nursing, and meeting so many people during transitions in life, LaDeidra realized Holistic Nursing is her passion . She now works in private practice as a Holistic Nurse and provides Holistic & Complementary Therapy . She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Nurse Case Manager, & Life Purpose Coach. Through her work as a Nurse Case Manager, she was able to witness that a personalized, and culturally sensitive plan of care creates a healing environment and leads to better outcomes for the patient.  When not with patients, LaDeidra enjoys creating unique products to help people relax and heal naturally. She believes Holistic Health is extremely important and this is her life's work. She is very proud to offer holistic & complementary therapy to be integrated into a conventional medicine plan of care to help heal the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and emotions. To learn more about Holistic Therapy & to book an appointment with LaDeidra visit:


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